Workshops & Activities for Young People

We have extensive experience of running interactive and fun workshops for young people across a range of creative disciplines. Often workshops are enhanced by day trips where we take young people to meet practising artists and/or visit galleries, studios and sites of cultural importance. All our workshop leaders are specialists in their field, and have Enhanced DBS clearance.

Animation: As animation specialists we offer workshops to engage young people in the animation process and try out a variety of techniques such as drawing, cut out, stop motion, paint on glass and sand animation.

Filmmaking: In addition to animation, we are experienced live action filmmakers. We introduce all elements of filmmaking over a series of workshops so that young people can use affordable technologies to get involved and learn about the pre- production, production and post-production stages of making a film. This includes workshops that run from storyboarding and script development/editing all the way through to the final audio mix.

Creative Writing: From poetry to film scripts, our creative writing workshops get young people into expressing themselves through the written word and the many forms that can take.

Creative Arts: We work with young people to make art and try out new ways of being creative, from banner-making to murals, to sculpture and photography.

Music: Whether creating a soundtrack as part of making a film, or making music as a standalone piece of work, these workshops are great for developing skills in composition and performance.

For more information about the workshops we offer for young people, get in touch.