Newport Gun Girls


Newport Gun Girls is a new immersive history and digital media programme from Winding Snake Productions.  Throughout 2016, the team with Newport East Rainbows, Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers investigated what life was like for women workers based at Newport's Royal Ordnance Factory 11 during the Second World War.

Between 1941 and 1945 women from across Wales were recruited by the Ministry  of Labour and National Service to work as part of the wartime munitions labour force.  

Working with Newport Museum, the People's Collection, First Campus and the University of South Wales, Professor Deirdre Beddoe, electrical engineer Melanie Osborne and writer Nigel Crowle, the creative practitioners at Winding Snake Productions delivered a series of workshops that explored the lives of the munitions workers.  Using the voices of the women that worked at ROF 11 we have produced a new animated short which will be coming soon to this site.