A Bird In A Cage


Join us on the 10th of October 2014 as Winding Snake Productions tell the story of one of Wales’ most incredible women.


Lady Rhondda of Llanwern was one of the most influential women of her time. Not contented with the day to day tasks traditionally ascribed to women, she struggled with misogyny and masculine bureaucracy to forge her way in business, writing and politics, blazing a trail for women the world over.


Her efforts extended into the fierce battle for women’s suffrage and political independence, in which she took a key role;  helping establish Newport as a strong player in the suffrage movement with her incendiary, determined and unique tactics.


Thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Winding Snake have been work with young people from Caerphilly and Newport to uncover the story of this remarkable woman and to retell it for future generations in the form of a creative and informative animation.


By visiting parliament, researching historical artefacts, and speaking to local politicians, young people from Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd and Lewis Girls school have developed an informed and creative response to the women’s liberation movement and to Lady Rhondda’s part in it.  Working with local musicians and writers they have composed suffrage verse, designed suffrage banners and developed a detailed understanding the differences in the lives of women 100 years ago, which they present in this beautiful and informative short film.


Many of the children were astounded at the ways in which women were expected to live and how they were overshadowed and dismissed by their male counterparts; from matters of dress to involvement in the decision-making process that governed their lives and those of their families. This project has not only allowed young people in Wales to examine the shift  in gender perception throughout history, but to re-evaluate the role of women in contemporary culture. They have been able to express their thoughts, feelings and learnings creatively and constructively.


We invite you to join us at University of South Wales, Caerleon Campus for the premiere of this astonishing work; to learn something new about your local history and to be inspired by the work of these young people: A Bird in a Cage.


Bi-lingual educational resources are available through the project website: www.abirdinacage.org, where you can also find videos, news stories, photographs and blog posts from influential women across the UK. You can also join the discussion on feminism, women’s rights, history and politics on Twitter @ThisWasMyWorld.


To book a place at the premiere please email hello@windingsnake.com




'A Bird in a Cage' is our current Heritage Lottery funded project that engages young people with their political heritage. Margaret Mackworth, otherwise known as Lady Rhondda, was an important women’s rights campaigner throughout the first half of the 20th century. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Newport Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), founded one of the most influential political magazines of her day, and was imprisoned for attempting to blow up a postbox in Newport for the cause of women’s suffrage. Her work made a significant contribution to the women’s rights movement, and had a lasting impact on the democratic landscape of South Wales. Over a nine month period young people from schools in Caerphilly and Newport are creatively exploring the life and work of Lady Rhondda. They are participating in history, music, creative writing and animation workshops, in order to create their own animated film. Additional support for this project comes from First Campus at the University of South Wales.

Visit the 'A Bird in a Cage' project website.