Project Management

Project Management: 
planning, monitoring and evaluation

Drawing on our team members’ expertise and experience of delivering successful projects in the commercial, creative Arts and community learning sectors, Winding Snake can support you with all aspects of project management and planning. This could include helping you to; plan your project’s budget: identify and manage resources; work out a cohesive project schedule.  We can also work with you to build a relevant evaluation strategy to suit the requirements of your organisation, external funders and stakeholders, and of course, your project participants. Evaluation can be daunting; it not only requires time, but also a strong plan that is put into action at the outset, so that the right forms of evidence can be gathered. All too often evaluation is left until it’s too late to factor in creative and participatory evaluation activities to a project, resulting in hurried questionnaires or bland ‘box-ticking’ exercises! Contact us to discuss how the Winding Snake team can support your organisation to develop an effective project strategy.