Meet the Team



Managing Director

Amy is in charge of operations at Winding Snake and leads all of its projects. As an animation producer and experienced media education practitioner she specialises in developing bespoke projects and creating access to the sector. Since establishing Winding Snake in 2011 Amy has continued to follow her dream of ‘keeping things interesting’ and making work that provides opportunities for others.



Project Manager/Producer


Glen has been working with Winding Snake since 2011, managing projects and running workshops. He has an MA in Film Producing and Business Management from the University of Glamorgan as well as completing additional industry training. Glen also works as a freelance filmmaker and editor, and as our studio technician he fixes the broken things and updates the dated things. 




James Nutting is a character animator, a graduate of the University of Wales, Newport; he holds a degree in Animation, Direction and Production. James specialises in 2D animation, using traditional hand-drawn techniques. James has been an animator for Winding Snake Productions since March 2015 and has previously worked for award winning animator Joanna Quinn at Beryl Productions in 2013. James is best noted for his fluid animation and technical proficiency, winning a University Award for ‘Best Animated Movement Design’.




Tic is a composer and sound designer and has been working with Winding Snake since 2012. She leads music workshops for the company and has composed music for many of their animations, including the award winning film A Bird In A Cage. Tic studied Composition at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She is also a member of the John Hardy Music team where she co-composes the score for Hinterland / Y Gwyll amongst a variety of TV, theatre and film projects. As a workshop leader she focuses on using technology as a way to enhance young peoples' access to creativity and music making.

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Dan is a animator and compositor and has been working with Winding Snake since July 2016. He specialises in digital cut out animation. He has a BA in Animation Direction and Production which he obtained at University of Wales, Newport. His graduation film, BAMPA, received ‘Best Overall Film’ and ‘Best Art Direction’ at Newport Animation Graduation Show, an ‘Honourable Mention’ within the Social Recognition category award at Dublin Animation Film Festival 2015 and was shortlisted for a Royal Television Society Student Award (Wales). BAMPA has been screened at animation festivals both nationally and internationally.